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Our Secondary and Further Education Programmes acknowledge the  extra-curricular activities and experiences students undertake to develop new skills contribute to a student’s personal and social development

By taking part in different types of activities, students gain and develop important skills such as communication, commitment, good citizenship, initiative, leadership and team spirit and personal confidence.

We have worked within a large variety of Educational settings across the UK, to deliver our Further Education Programmes

Our BSL programmes will enable you to receive accredited qualifications from Signature at levels 1 and 2, and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Level 1 Award in British Sign Language – 64 guided learning hours

  • This qualification is designed to teach learners to communicate using British Sign Language (BSL) on a range of topics that involve simple, everyday language use

  • Please click on the link below  for our pack which contains more information about the course

Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language – 100 guided learning hours

  • This qualification is designed to enable learners to communicate using British Sign Language by participating in longer and more varied conversations than at Level 1, The course will develop communication about real life, routine and daily experiences

  • Please click on the link below, for our pack which contains more information about the course

Level 3 Certificate in Communication Support for Deaf Learners

  • The aim of this certificate is to provide the underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills in order to effectively full fill the specialist learning support practitioner (CSW) role.

  • Please click on the link below, for our pack which contains more information about the course

BSL Enrichment Programme

This course has been developed by our Deaf Tutors, who have a unique insight into the Deaf world and culture, Drawing from their own experiences the course is presented in an imaginative and distinct way, although non accredited, we do issue certificates of completion to each student.

Although we have a standard set course, this is by no means fixed as topics can be tailored specifically to your needs, in addition the course can be adapted from 6 – 12 weeks


BSL LEVEL 1 Info                                                                                                                                             



For more information:

Please call: 0161 998 6318


TESTIMONIALS - What Our Student Say

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Course Feedback;

I feel that the course is structured in a way that is achievable to complete within the set time frame. The resources are easily readable and understandable to those who are participating in completing BSL Level 1.

Us as students are never waiting on resources, and have them available with plenty of notice to help us prepare with revision.


Elaine's patience and confidence in students is absolutely brilliant, this approach allows us to believe that we have learnt far more than we think, especially for people like myself struggling to do so, whilst also creating a relaxed atmosphere which prevents students from stressing.

I felt that any topics/words I was struggling with would be addressed and tweaked, so I was able to progress with the course, at a speed both I and Elaine felt comfortable with.

Elaine is a credit to Interpreting Solutions 2UK and I would not hesitate recommending the course and Elaine as a teacher to anyone.

Liam Derbyshire Police

The course was enjoyable and interesting throughout and my tutor Elaine was very friendly, approachable and accommodating to students, She is a fantastic tutor (very funny) and I owe her a lot. The staff that I met as a whole were very nice and a good team. I am also pleased to have (since passing my Level 1) secured a new job working within the deaf community. I am grateful to Elaine and Interpreting Solutions as the course helped me to communicate with the deaf community and I believe it gave me the confidence to pursue a change of career and do a job that I love. Thanks Again

Naomi BSL Level 1 Student

I really enjoyed the course. Elaine's teaching style is really good and made it very easy to understand and pick up. I imagine it was harder with it being online and sometimes it was difficult to get the hang of some signs and it was sometimes confusing with which way round etc.

Other than that I think the online worked well….

I was surprised about how in depth the course was for level 1 and I thought it was actually really good doing the different topics so you can actually get by in a conversation and it was nice to learn your topics and other words that you threw in. It meant that any conversations weren’t completely robotic and limited to a small vocab!

Overall it was really good, you’re a really good teacher and made it very laid back and enjoyable

Lauren Derbyshire Police
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