Training 4 Business

As the modern era changes to become a more inclusive and disability aware world, it is vital that organisations adapt to the ever-changing landscape of disability-related terminology and best practice.

Our Deaf Training 4 Business programmes can teach your employees to be not only aware of current thinking within the disability sector, but also provide them with the skills and knowledge needed to fully support and promote your organisation as a forward-thinking business which promotes and supports disabled customers with exceptional levels of disability centric good practice.

When your staff are fully trained it can mean that potentially life-changing experiences can be delivered to your customers and ensure a more positive view when people think about your organisation and what it can offer to the wider community.

Sign Academy

Our Secondary and Further Education Programmes acknowledge the extra-curricular activities and experiences students undertake to develop new skills contribute to student’s personal and social development.

By taking part in different types of activities, students gain and develop important skills such as commitment, good citizenship, initiative, leadership and team spirit.

DEAF have worked with over a thousand educational establishments across the UK and nationally to deliver our Further Education Programme.

If you would like to find out more about our Further Education Programme please use the “Contact” form or email DEAF Sign Academy

Quality Guaranteed

We are fully accredited by DSA-QAG, meaning we have undergone an audit of our service and passed.

The quality assurance framework (QAF) means we are able to provide support to students, who require funded support from the Disabled Student's Allowance through Student Finance England.

We hold an internationally recognised ISO certification of quality, which is the industry standard for companies delivering recognised core services.

Additionally, we are a long-standing approved centre to deliver Signature British Sign Language Qualifications.

A scalable network of services

When you access any of Interpreting Solutions services, you're not just ordering one service... You are being supported by several,  our range of departments cover a wide range of services, from multimedia production to teaching in schools and colleges, and we firmly believe in collaboration so all of our teams work together on your project. 

This means the expertise behind each project is highly knowledgeable and experienced and will deliver your aims and objectives, on time and on budget.


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